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Habitat for Humanity of Gunnison Valley is a non-profit housing ministry financed through private donations, grants from foundations, and volunteer labor. Our purpose is to build homes with families and our community, and to sell the homes at no profit and at no interest, to families who could not otherwise afford them.

Please read the following items to see if you are interested in and qualify for our low-income housing program.

1. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

2. To qualify, applicants must have a need for housing. (Currently living in sub-standard conditions; examples may include; not enough room for entire family, too expensive, not handicap accessible, etc.)

3. Applicants must have lived in Gunnison County for a minimum of two years.

4. Applicants must have a minimum of two years consistent employment. 

5. Applicants total household income must be within 30-80% of the county median. (see attached income qualifications)

6. Applicants must qualify for a loan through standardized underwriting criteria.  Applicants may be offered a USDA 502 direct loan program.

7. With your permission, we will verify employment and other income, get a statement from your current landlord, have a credit check done, check the sex offender list in our county, and ask for personal references.

8.If you are approved for a Habitat home, we will ask you to attend a home-buyer education class, learn about budgeting, home repair and maintenance.  We will also ask that you attend an annual Habitat for Humanity Home-owner meeting/BBQ event.

9. If approved and chosen for a home, we require that all adult (18 years and older) members of your household complete 400 hours of sweat equity in the construction of the home.  Your friends and extended family can help you complete your sweat equity as well.

10. Becoming a Habitat partner family requires that you give back to us as an organization.  You may be asked to volunteer your time for Habitat in other community events.  You must be willing to maintain your home and be a responsible member of our community.  Community perception of our organization is key for our success.  We expect you comply with restricted covenants placed on your property.

If you are interested in Habitat and believe you would qualify for a home according to the above guidelines, we encourage you to fill out and return to us this application for housing.

After submitting your application and determining your eligibility, an in-home interview will be scheduled at your convenience. (Please note that all family members need to be present at the time of the in-home interview.)  All information is confidential, and is to be used only for our family selection process.  You will be notified by mail if you are accepted or denied.

If you need assistance in filling out the application, or have any questions about this process, please call us at970-641-1245.  or via email.

2019 Income Limits by Family Size
Gunnison County $71,000

Number in Family
50% AMI
60% AMI
80% AMI

Families applying for Habitat homes must be county residents for a minimum of 2 years, have consistent employment for the past two years, and income requirements must not exceed 80% of the county median.  All families must complete 300-400 hours of sweat equity in the construction or rehabilitation of the home.

 Families must provide the following documentation:
1. A copy of their 2017 & 2018 Income Tax Returns.

2. Copies of pay stubs dated from Jan 1, 2019 to time of application, and/or last paystub of 2019 form each place of employment for 2019.

3. A copy of bank statements showing any direct deposits of Social Security payments, alimony or child support payments from Jan. 1, 2019 to time of application, and /or last statement from 2019 showing balances and deposits.

4. A letter from Gunnison-Hinsdale Counties Dept. of Human Services showing all income from services received from 1/1/19 to time of application by month and types of services received.

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